Harm reduction and strategic transformation

Society and technology changed at incredible speed over the past few decades. The pace of change will continue to accelerate, and this calls for incredible tenacity and strategic transformation to continue to succeed.

Here’s a great piece articulating critical issues surrounding strategic transformation, “Achieving Successful Strategic Transformation” .

For a while now, our focus has been on addressing harm reduction in the industry in greatest need of change. One industry cannot transform without a ripple effect throughout its entire ecosystem – all stakeholders, suppliers, consumers, regulators.

Transformation starts from within the company, but cannot be effective without changing the hearts and minds of all involved. And without a robust legal and regulatory framework, the most creative disruptors face uncertainty, possibly hostility and/or unfair competition.

This is precisely where we can help you: before, or during your transformative efforts, the respective industry must be a leader and drive constructive change of the legal environment, through saving strategic planning, engagement and sometimes even litigation.

In time, we earned the trust of prominent harm reduction advocates,  and learned from the most impressive thought leaders in harm reduction and transformation. We are ready to deploy compelling learnings from the “frontline” for you to drive your company’s transformation needs.