Corporate Compliance

Many large and successful companies still do not have a separate, independent compliance organization reporting into the board or into the CEO. Some organizations believe it is sufficient to have an audit department under their Finance Department, or an attorney responsible for anti-corruption. In particular in regulated industries, a robust compliance organization is crucial to effective risk management. Corporate compliance is so much more than just anti-corruption and compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and/or the UK Bribery Act!

  • Having set up successful compliance organizations in highly matrixed organizations, we can help you assess your compliance needs, design your organization and create, implement or reassess the trifecta of compliance policies – trainings – compliance investigations.
  • Do you have a compliance investigations manual? For geographically dispersed organizations, consistency in conducting internal investigations is vital!
  • We can help you update your code of conduct to meet today’s legal and societal standards (in today’s world of rash tweets and unwise facebook posts, our thinking goes beyond the letter of the law and into real life risky situations that may destroy corporate reputation).
  • Our communication and strategy partners can work with you to roll out your new compliance platform in an effective and savvy manner, with little overhead.
  • We can also serve as your de-fact chief compliance officer until such time you decide to create that position or fill an existing vacancy.

The role of the ethics and compliance organization evolves continuously in conjunction with ever-expanding legal requirements, enhanced stakeholder scrutiny, the proliferation of the social media “instant broadcast” effect, and changes in societal expectations. Compliance weaves values, certainty and sustainability into the fabric of a corporation, and it ensures unimpeded growth and freedom to operate.

Among the many resources we recommend for understanding current compliance trends, the Deloitte Compliance Trends Survey  and the Compliance Week ® are good starting points.